Wild Tour de France: Confusions around Kreuziger and Sagan’s skid

Moved to ninth place! So no, he remains tenth. The conclusion of the Tour de France was somewhat confusing from the Czech point of view, as the organizers changed the final placement of the best Czech at the goal of Romano Kreuziger.In addition, his team-mate Tinkoff Slovakian Peter Sagan reached the Champs-Élysées after a valuable triumph in the last stage, but perhaps only for a little skid event he did not do a few centimeters of the winning André Greipel.

This is traditionally in the final stage It does not change, but as the peloton ripped through the streets of Paris, Kreuziger found himself even in the ninth place. Spaniard Ródriguez has come to the group with the winner Christopher Froom and the loss has come to him. But the race leadership then decided to give all the drivers the same time and Roman Kreuziger returned to the tenth place

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