VIDEO Tatar’s Goals to Father: He was for You!

LOS ANGELES – Tomas Tatar, the Slovak striker of Detroit, was very sad in the heart of the NHL in Los Angeles.

Twenty-three-year-old hockey player learned a sad news on Friday that his father, Ján, who had fought longer for liver disease at the age of 60.Tatar, despite the sad event, joined and the “hockey god” arranged it so that the young Slovak hockey player was the central figure of the duel.  Tomas Tatar sent his father's goal to heaven Tomas Tatar with teammates celebrating Detroit goal

 Riley Sheahan and Tomas Tatar celebrate goal in Los Angeles Kings

  •  Tomas Tatar with Captain Detroit Red Wings
  • Tatar first made Riley Sheahan’s first goal in the NHL and then decided to win the Red Wings when he found a rebound shot from Kings goalie Jonathan Quicka and 53.with his 10th goal in the season adjusted to 2: 1 for his team. The Slovak striker scored in the third match. Immediately after the goal, he looked up, put down his gauntlet and put his greeting to his father’s heart.

    During the Christmas holidays Tatar visited Slovakia to visit the sick father. “ missed Tatar, but I did not think he was the last to see. who, after considering the duel in Los Angeles, played. “It was not easy, but my teammates helped me a lot.I was ready to go, “ added.

    The emotional mood of a young hockey player is understood by his coach Mike Babcock. ” Best to honor a father or mother , is hard to work on and continue to work on a hundred percent. I know from my own experience because I came to my mother’s age at young age and I always pray for her during the national anthem. I have never collapsed with her forever, and that may be his case. His father is still with him. It’s a different kind of relationship, of course, but it helps me a lot when I think on my mom. “ said Detroit coach. ” He played with a hard heart, it was not easy. It was his reaction to the goal, “ said Tatar’s teammate Daniel Cleary. ” The boy has gone through an unpleasant period.We are all with him and we will help him, “added Jimmy Howard.

    Tatar also played a significant part in the equalizing goal of Detroit, which was shot by Sheahan, the Slovak hockey player in the assault zone he ran from the corner to the firing position, the foul managed to shoot and Sheahan scored the first goal in the NHL when he was eliminated. “I was a father for the whole game and I am very happy to have won. Riley gave his first goal though? I’m glad I helped him. Before the game, I told him he would score, but he did not want to believe me, “added Tatar, who declared the third duel star.