VIDEO Meeting of the Stars: Federer and Crosby

TORONTO – On Sunday, two big star hockey and tennis stars met in Toronto – Canadian ice-hockey striker Sidney Crosby and Swiss kings king Roger Federer. Although they did not play tennis for rainy weather, at least they enjoyed the cake they had received from the organizers of Rogers Cup’s toronto tennis tournament for birthdays. Roger Federer celebrated just on Sunday, 29th, Crosby remembered the twenty-third one a day earlier.

“I’m about a star & scaron; & iacute, no?” & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; tennis player. “He remembered watching the Olympic & yacute, hockey & yacute tournament in Vancouver, and I reminded him that I saw him playing the US Open two years ago.It was fun; mav & yacute; conversation and good-bye; it is important to ask two & scaron portobes to talk about different things. Navy & Scaron; it’s all from & aacute; bavn & eacute; and he could have learned a lot, “ said Crosby.

& Scaron; Roger Federer was at the top of his career five years ago, when he clearly dominated his “scaron” portrayal.Dvojn & aacute; SOBNO & eacute; the Rogers Cup in Scaron, if it is not already on the front line of the ATP and the Toronto tournament is set up & yacute;

Crosby is a great fan and fan of tennis and tennis; and they are able to carry the goods; in the summer months. “I was looking at the US Open in 2008 when Roger played in fin & aacute; I was sitting on the edge of the court and it was for me a big and auspicious,” spom & iacute; nal Crosby, who & yacute; to be & scaron; if you do not think well & aacute; for the best player in the NHL: “ He might be able to be Pittsburgh’s Jay McKee teammate, is good. & iacute; ch troch – & scaron; tyroch good & yacute; ch tennis players.This & the scaron port is really popular among hockey players in the summer, ben & yacute; and I have always been in the mood for a lot of things to do; “

For Crosby, celebrations have been born very quietly and efficently. “On Saturday night I was home from my family. It was nothing big; “ Crosby said, adding: ” The age of the 21st birthday I enjoyed well and for the 22nd celebrations.”