VIDEO Del Potro triumphed at the US Open!

NEW YORK – Swiss tennis player Roger Federer has not surprisingly become the winner of the men’s singles at the US Open.

Argentinian Juan Martin Del Potro, who won the first Grand Slam title in his career, replaced him.At the age of 20 and 355 days he became the youngest winner in history. Roger Federer
  •  Del Potro

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    Del Potro & Scaron, the creator of the finale, has initially only moved the jump of his own pen. Argent & iacute, have overcome the phenomenon & aacute; lne & scaron, vajceara, chacau, edited their relatives; jomn & uacute; balance to 1: 6. “I had missed yahoo, but yesterday, two goals in front of me – I wanted to win the US Open and be Roger Federer, I’m a rocker but I’m scaron to make you better and scaron; “

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    Federerov & yacute; ch & auml; winner & yacute years on American bet & oacute; new grandslam is or & aacute; movan & yacute; two defeats with argent & iacute; hr & aacute;In 2003 he was overtaken by David Nalbandian in eighth and aacute, and now in Del Potro. He became & scaron; ampi & oacute; nom US Open as a species & yacute; Argent & iacute in hist. In 1977, his great grandmother was Guillermo Vilas. Del Potro has been a major actor in the world since 2004, when Roland Garros in Paraguay is living and scoring all over the world and triumphing and scoring a great deal.

    Federer has lost to the US Open from a total of 40 consecutive championships in a row.In this year, the 28-year & yacute; brazilejsk & yacute; rod & aacute; k vo fin & aacute; le v & scaron; etk & yacute; ch & scaron; tyroch podujat & iacute; “great & scaron creators” and has reached half; & Uacute; SPE & scaron; the company. Federer and slightly zhor & scaron; il his fama oacute; znu fin & aacute; lov & uacute; Grand slams & uacute; balance to 15: 6. Almost two feet & yacute; Del Potro (198 cm) scored seven singles & yacutes; the title of kari & eacute; ry, but certainly the most valuable & scaron; & iacute ;. By & aacute; false & iacute; it is worth 1.6 million. USD and, together with the scaron, claimed to be a new and exciting bonus from the legendary tournaments in the US Open Series, USD.Overcoming & eacute; Federer gets $ 800,000.