The Žilinians failed in an important match: They opened the score, but the billiard was over

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA – Žilinčan is in the table, and so put a lot of energy in the game, but not so much to keep the two-thirds behind the shorter end. Even though they did not disappoint again Tomas, who, unfortunately uncovered in the 15th minute, opened the score, many chances did not work out and could be glad to have been totally merciful.

In the third year after the spectacular knock on Chovana, Rapac, better ending requested the opportunities of White and Kaduru, in the middle of the game wrapped hands over the unused chances of Saracino, Heizer, White in a separate ride in the 29th. min, Kadura, Handlovsky and Lepine, and guests could be happy over the overall score.

At the beginning of the third third, they developed sympathetic pressure until the 44th.the home was neutral and Matousek nearly overtaken Peks the third time. Frustrated ‘wolves’ for another minute completely forgotten Heizera in front of the goal and the longer after the record from the Rapa did not have to hang under the barrel four times. The guests did not help two games in a row, and in the remaining time of less than nine minutes they did not get much water. On the other hand, home Heizer offered the opportunity to raise again, but in 55.

The white deflected defense of the visitors was punished with another klađenje putem interneta exact score. Żrdka Drevenáka just two minutes before the end was just a swan with the song ‘Wolfs’.

Vladimir Orszagh (coach of Banská Bystrica): “We had a hard beginning.We took the initiative and we were a better team. In addition to five goals, we have made other chances. We defended the game until the end of the match.

< we were active and went into the lead but the rival took one of the few mistakes we made and scored a goal. The vodic kroz internet kladjenje second third was balanced from both sides. The Bystrians added to the activity and created dangerous situations and chances. Hockey had to be liked by the spectator, he was fighting. Unfortunately, in the third third we made mistakes. We were downplaying badly and the opponent punished. We can not happen to get two goals into an empty goal. These are huge individual mistakes.If we want to succeed in the next match, they can not be repeated. “

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