The UC has maintained measures limiting the Champions League broadcasts

UPC and other cable and satellite service providers must continue to black out the Champions League broadcasts on foreign TV channels. The Constitutional Court (US) today dismissed UPC’s complaint against the interim measure requested by O2 Czech Republic. Most of the Champions League matches have territorial exclusivity.

O2 offers matches on his sports channel. Only one Tuesday match could be broadcast by Czech Television last season. Today, nothing changes, the constitutional judge, Louis Ludwig David, confirmed. “The Constitutional Court has confirmed that UPC’s procedural rights have not been violated in any way.He also stressed that UPC does not provide any reasonable explanation of the whole thing, nor does it claim that the rights to broadcast broadcasting are legitimate, “said ČTK spokesman O2 Lucie Pecháčková.

Measures and means that viewers will not be able to watch the Champions League matches outside of O2, “said UPD lawyer Jiří Matzner.

The dismissed constitutional complaint pointed out, in particular, that the interim measure was not well justified .However, according to constitutional judges, this deficiency was partially remedied by the High Court of Appeal in Prague. The ÚS also did not want to intervene in a complicated legal situation due to the procedural defect, which lasted for almost a year and all the parties to the dispute are waiting for the final decision to be respected.

“The procedural defect of both decisions of the General Courts was not such as to “

Some of the Champions League games could be seen by Czech viewers in the past because UPC, like other cable and cable providers, has seen its unconstitutionality,” said David. Television broadcast, received Slovak TV STV1, Austrian ORF1 or German ZDF.After the precautionary measure was taken, UPC began to blacken the screen during the broadcast of the football matches of the Champions League on foreign channels.

The situation is still limited to a provisional measure, not a judgment on the merits. The main trial has not yet taken place, the parties to the dispute have only delivered their observations so far. “We claim that basically by mediating the transmission of another television that paid for broadcasting rights, we do not violate O2’s rights,” said Matzner. On the contrary, O2 insists that UPC has no rights to broadcast the Champions League. “While O2 has acquired exclusive rights for the Czech Republic and is a rightful holder, UPC has no right to broadcast the Champions League.This can also be verified from the official UEFA website, “Pecháčková said.