The Bench is inspired by Atlético or Bayern. I hear praise, she admits

The predictions were on the mushrooms, two draws in Latvia and home with Montenegro turned out from three entry results. None of this has stopped his team. Twenty-one of Vítězslav Lavička will travel to EURO to Poland, as one of the most competitive teams for Germany and Portugal. “It will stay in me forever,” he praises his students for a 35-year-old coach.

The twelve-euro tie-up is itself the first of four, and the twenty-plus has come in very promising and promising football. One who wanted to play after Vítězslav Lavička from last summer, that is, from the start of his activity.

About the way we played the 21st we had the last time together when you had a key double game in Belgium and Montenegro.Nothing has gotten worse since then, is it?
“We see a lot of good, but also bugs and room for improvement. I call our speech fair football, fast ahead and combined with a moment of surprise, to add meaningful movement and synergy. We want to play back to the rear so that no one rests after the loss of the ball and does not rely on anyone else to win it. This team has a healthy character and it has been shown even in critical qualifying moments. “

So do you feel some player involvement that is necessary?
“Yes. What was important was that we outlined a clear goal from the very first moment, namely the move to EURO, and then the way we want to play. The main thing was to identify the boys.We are constantly working to ensure that the team has a modern cut, and the results will then solidify the players’ self-esteem. But the qualifying was also critical when we did not. There the team showed their character. “

So tell how far or near you are from the ideal?
“We are close and I am delighted that it is much closer to what a person has to imagine. But coach Václav Ježek said that satisfaction is the first step towards defeat, so we want to work further. It is my view of football and at the same time the look of the whole implementation team with which the players must identify and which I tried to practice in the past coaching stadiums.It is my great luck that I have twenty-one co-workers who have a similar view. “

We hear today and everyday that so-called” people are not “, that is, not Czech player material with which A demanding and modern football could play. But you will have a different opinion from your own experience, are not you?
“Yes, and I think there is no other way, if we want to match or be successful against teams from advanced Europe, these trends need to be captured. Although we do not have such a base as in France or Germany, it is very important to think of the right education from the pupils’ age.This is happening now, as associations and clubs in our country devote a lot of resources and energy to the training of young footballers, I am optimistic. “

Where do you get inspiration for your job?
“At my age, I have quite a lot of experience (laughs), I also draw on them, but it is not up to it. Sometimes it’s good, but you need someone to feel new impulses and feelings. “

So what?
“I’m watching football as well as world club, and everybody takes something from each team. The Atletico Madrid is a very good organization of the game, not only in the defensive but in general, how they are very successful.The game of Bayern under Guardiola, I really liked how well and efficiently it kept the ball as it managed to overcome the defensive defense in a deep block. “

When we get back to you, the twenty- A quite strong individuality, starting with Patrick Schick. But I would start with Vaclav Cerny, who is not currently playing in Ajax, and he was initially quite exorcised…
(he jumps into speech) “I felt it the same way and I enjoyed it . “

Did not it complicate your nomination for getting” only “for the second-round selection?
“Not really at all. It is a time when he is gradually acquiring a new coach.While in the spring season he was given regular time in the draw, he does not get it now, but he is still training with him, playing the second league, and doing very well there. I see his performances every weekend on DVD as well as other players from abroad. I talked to him and told him to be patient. He has a great deal of ambition to make a quick hit in adult top football, but he has to wait for his chance. “Now he’s got it right now, is not he?
“I think so. At first he fought enough, I perceived it on his own, but always when he came to us, he was ready and excited. He always has twenty-something to offer, and that’s the youngest. “

Jankto, Simic and more…

What Jakub Jankto?His call had to be related to the fact that he does not play so much in Udine, a lot of complexity, right?
“He played regularly in Ascoli Serie B last season, and the fact that Udine left him for this season in the first-round squad is a big mark and a big move for him. Jakub is another talent who collects experience abroad. We took the opportunity to invite him to the Kaprun camp after last season, where we played preliminary matches outside of the dates. We’ve had information about it before, but when we played for the game against Albania, it scored a goal and showed it could be valid for the team. “

And at the winter camp in the Canary Islands, Built in the footsteps of Stephan Simic.
“Yes, that’s right.These camps are of great importance for us, it is very valuable. It is thanks to the leadership of the union for allowing us to do so because they are outside the official meetings. Another example is Michal Hubínek. “

So you are watching the players you can potentially call at the meeting…I try to figure it out…Even if they do not have the necessary load in the club, you invite them to Camp, where you can get closer to them, get to know them. It is so?
“That’s exactly what we’re working on. It’s a lot of managerial work, we go for a lot of matches and we watch the boys who fall into our circle of twenty-one.Then we take advantage of this opportunity that you are talking about and we know them more, which can help the nomination a lot. “By the way, you have experienced during this qualifying cycle that someone will not be able to win a performance during any meeting ?
“I would not say that. Of course, some guys with us were from the start and they started at the base, but over time, but instead of the others they came, but it is healthy competition and shows that the 21st is open to everyone. “

Did you think other than Patrick Schick did you think that they already have the chance to call Karel Jarolí in the future?
“They showed.They tried to distinguish between players who were already talking about Patrik, another Aleš Čermák, who also had significant statistical numbers. There are others, but I say, it would be good not to hurry up the development and gradually to collect experience. By playing the euro, we have the opportunity to stay together, which would make the difference. “

Authorized praise

In addition to positive things, The conclusion of the qualification also revealed shortcomings. What was the tight and pitching defeat in Belgium?

I encouraged them for their play, but consistency was lacking at that time. “

In that quantum of unchanged goal chances, do you think?
“First, second, in the goals we collected. Some players could do more, synergy could be more consistent. It’s about switching, reacting quickly and avoiding it. “

It was mostly the second goal of the Belgians, who decided the match just before the end of the game.
“It was a relatively simple situation.We should have ensured it and their attacker would never get to the end. “

To that praise, do you really hear it often in your neighborhood?
“They are a response, but I keep saying that in this category, boys are still the only hope. They need to use the space that opens them. By June, before the EURO starts, we have enough time to prepare and we want to consolidate what we want to play. And then comes the top that will confront the best and we want to succeed there. “