Slovan’s Coach: They decided the unused chance and the referee’s fault

Trnava. Important matches are not only on the pitch. In the first semifinal of the Champions League between Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich (1: 0), the home squad did not call the pitch to make the German team more slow to slow down.

The Finals of the Slovak Cup in Football (Trenčín – Slovan 3: 1) were played on neutral ground in Trnava. Both teams had roughly equal conditions. In addition to the players themselves, the key input of both coaches was the match. Read also: Read also: Trenčín defended the trophy in Slovnaft Cupe.Shevela said he was a boxer in the ring

Martin Ševela was the winner of the training coach and tactics. After the goal-kick, he sent Stephan Maierhofer and Mitchell Schet to the game.

“My task was to do something with the course of the match and Stephan did that. The Robot took off and revived the event. Changes have brought us new alternatives, we no longer have to play only on the ground. He added the variation by air, “Ševel told a press conference.Trainer Trenčín Martin Ševela. (Source: TASR)

After the game, he picked up the trencian fans who poured his players the necessary energy.

“We found strength and desire, . I’ve set the winners for the critical moments we’ve managed and that’s why we’ve succeeded. “

His coaching counterpart devised an effective defensive tactic from which Slovan ran into deadly breeds. Already in the first half, the Bratislavians have developed three clear opportunities.

“We defended well, the opponent did not work too much. We’ve had a big chance for a final blow.Feeling disappointed because we did not get what we deserved, “Cypriot coach Nikodomos Papavasiliou said. Slovan Nikodimos Papavasiliou trainer. (Source: TASR)

According to him, he has not decided to train Trenčín. “We watch every time someone comes to the playground. The meeting decided our unchanged chances and the referee’s mistake in the second intervention of Trencin, who fell from the offside.

After congratulating his opponent and thanks to the Bratislava spectator, he added:” In the next year we will return a lot stronger. We are thinking long-term and Slovan will get where the fans want to see it. “Their dream continues

The Bratislavans maintained a one-goal lead up to 78 minutes when they compared the Austrian debtor Maierhofer.Already before the equalizing intervention, the Slavicists did not spend longer in the reserve formation. For the first time, the Cypriot coach decided only after 84 minutes.

“I do not think we were lacking in physical strength. We looked pretty good. Maybe we lost the concentration because the three goals in the fifteen minutes can not happen, “said Captain Slovan Marko Milinkovic. Trencin David Guba (second right) and Kornel Salata (second from left) from Slovan. (Source: TASR)

“I’m the most disappointed to lose my fans. We wanted to please them. “

The Slavs lose six points before the end of the Fortuna League in Trencin. In the fight for a championship title, the Cup will certainly not help.

“We must put the heads up.We will fight until the last round. We wanted to win the cup and we did not. Let’s try that in the league, “said the 28-year-old Serb.

While the Bratislava’s disappointment with the journalistic mix zone has been avoided, trenčianski footballers also showed it with medals. Not getting every day. It was sports betting offers an incredible match and I want to give victory to our fans, “said Matouš Bero. Read also: Read also: Slivovice refuses, celebrates with juice.Kritizovaný Holanďan salvoval Trenčín

“Last year we won after the penalties and it was emotionally more drunk. We use the triumph as well. We live our dream further. I believe we’ll celebrate the cup with the title. “

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