Mrázek made Nosco’s debut in NHL, Krejčí scored a goal for the month

Mrázek has scored a maximum of two goals in the last five games, and only Nashville has overtaken him by Filip Forsberg, who in both cases erased a single-loss loss. The Swedish striker was the first to score a three-in-two shot from the left circle, the second time a puck hit his goal. Victory fired Detroit in 47th minute Luke Glendening.

“We played well from the start. We scored a quick goal, and even though they were compared, our performance looked decent. In the middle, we had a lot of chances to score a stick. Luckily, in the last third, one shot has already taken place, “said Mrázek, who at the end awarded several interventions. “They held us in the band for about 70 seconds, I did not see the puck several times.But it hit me in the concrete, “he said.

Nosek was called to the main team a week ago and his premiere was originally based on Henrik Zetterberg’s health. Eventually, a 23-year-old Pardubice native played Dylan Larkin’s injury. The Czech striker was on the left wing of the fourth formation, and he did not register for the statistics.

Krejčí scored the last goal a month ago and against Buffalo the puck did not want to take his shot from his stick. The Czech player had to make his missile more than once and succeeded by a stunning attempt when the flying blade hit the bar in the goal. At that point, no one expected Boston to beg. However, guests ranging from 51st to 55th.”We lost two goals in the last third with a team that is really great and can manage such a lead. That’s the more valuable thing we’ve done today, “said Jack Eichel, who had just begun a Boston University last season. He played four points (two goals and two passes) for the Buffalo’s. Dmitry Jaškin helped with a shot in a penalty shot to win St. Louis. Louis 3: 2 over Dallas. The Czech striker was on the ice for both teams, but in the seventh round of races he shone with a furious bluff.The lead team of the contest responded to it, definitely deciding in the ninth David Backes series. Dallas kept NHL ahead of Washington, who defeated Montreal 3-1 in the home and scored the seventh consecutive win . Tomas Plekanec and Tomas Fleischmann were on the ice for the two collected goals. Both Czech players, like the entire Canadian club, have not been successful lately – Plekanec has not scored any more than 21 matches, Fleischmann has only assisted in the last seven matches. In Arizona, he hoped that Martin Hanzal’s back surgery, spring, the Czech striker will be available for a healthy season.But the Pseudian native is again struggling with injuries and only 26 games in the season, missing in six of the last seven duels. “He plays a physically demanding style, and when someone plays hard like himself, he is more vulnerable to injuries . We learn to deal with his absence, “said coach Dave Tippett to Hanzal, who still collected 20 points in the season.

” It’s in great shape. Injuries are different in character than before, but there are other circumstances that affect him. Perhaps it will improve soon, “added Tippett, who missed the Czech defender Zbyněk Michálek because of the injury.Without Czech players, Coyotes succumbed on Los Angeles on Saturday, 3: 4 in the lead.

Due to knee problems he missed the third match of New Jersey Patrik Elias, Devils lost to Carolina 1: 3.