Ice twenty flew to the MS in Canada (nomination)

BRATISLAVA. Slovak ice hockey team in 20 years on Thursday flew to the scene of the forthcoming World Cup in order to advance to the playoff and avoid the struggle for salvation. Head coach Ernest Bokroš notify the final nomination to right in Canada, as the squad must be cut even one attacker and defender.

From Bratislava gone 21 hockey players, Directly at the championship is to be joined by goalkeeper Daniel Gibl, defender Patrik Maier and forwards Matej Paulovič with Juraj Sisk, who operate at lower overseas competitions. Getting started with Canada

championship in 20 years will take place in the Canadian cities of Toronto and Montreal held from 26 December 2014 to 5thJanuary 2015. Young Slovaks are presented in the A-group, together with peers z Kanady, Finland, USA and Germany.

His match in the group will play in the lobby Bell Center in Montreal. Before them but waiting two preparatory matches against Switzerland (December 22, at 1.00 h) and Czech Republic (December 24, at 1.00 h), after which the trainers determined the final nomination.

“The teams in the group are primed, as well as ours. We have the very first match with Canada, which can be an advantage, because the first match is usually so obliging. Then there are Swedes, Finns and America, all strong teams. but we are strong.Importantly good start and I think then we can achieve something, “said the group’s general manager Róbert Švehla, who came to office only in November and in Canada returns after long 12 years.

Former defender there He was last in the 2002/2003 season, after which he retired the jersey Toronto Maple Leafs. “I would go to the championship I learned in November, so I went to see some matches in Ružinov. The Executive Committee asked me if I was ready and I waved at it.I’ve never been to the World Cup in 20 years, so it is very forward. “The procedure and Germany

His contribution to the team behind the main helmsman Bokroš.” We know each other for many years. It is a man who long worked with youth in Trenčín and does it very well. So I think that I can be very helpful, because the eye sees the whole of the top of the ice. I believe it will be of great benefit not only for me but also the players who followed him may at any time come for advice, “he said.

The battle for the procedure should be decisive final match with Germany. Almost the same as last year , just with one change.A year ago they embarked Bokros wards against the Germans in the opening group meeting and beat them this time met him up in the final.

“Last year we team have prepared for the opening duel and it worked. This year they have the last game. It is already the injury, the goalkeeper, we do not know what will happen. We fought in every game, but if we want to advance realistically, we need to overcome the Germans. Even if we win over Canada, we have only three points and if we lose to Germany reciprocal match, it does not solve anything.As we have previously gained four points, it would be better, “summed Bokroš.

Among the leaders of the team should include defender Christián Jaroš, or attackers Peter Cehlárik and especially Martin Réway.” He’s a player who should be one of the leaders and be surrounded by the best guys, so that its contribution more effective. I suggest that it might be Cehlárik, Paulovič, Rosandić or Černák. They would have to sit.So we start those most experienced and best around him and then we create two offensive and two have more defensive formation, “Bokros suggested composition of the attacks, but said he has up his sleeve more options.

The wicket should from the beginning to get Denis chance Godla from Slovan Bratislava: “For us it is so that the unit will Godla and further deployment will decide on the venues directly. But after consulting with coach goalkeepers that we have invented. “They taught them what to put on facebook

Young hockey players attended before going to the World Cup and mental training, and that how they handle social networks and address the rest.They also underwent an analysis of the rules with international referee Vladimir Balusko.

“We have always been on the MS with big rivals, whether they were Russian or Canada, but we have always been in a state of disrepute, whether it was Patrick Luke’s case when we ran 3: 1 in the middle of the match and Canada did not have a 5 to 5 game for us, but because they provoked us to fight, they turned the game just in the power.That’s why I asked Mr. Baluška, who also travels to those MS that guy already said how clear rules for judges are and how strict meter will be used, “he added Bokroš.

SR 20 concluded tohtosezónne action in the Superliga. which has been in terms of points gained him the fifth most successful in the eight-year project. Bokros wards fought in 20 meetings in the top league seven points behind home victory in regular time of Banska Bystrica and victories in Zvolen and Košice after a shootout. Altogether scored 29 goals, conceded their 68thLast year, they fared better in the league, when accumulated 19 points.

“Last year we thought that we have a very good team. We had personality, they were Dano, elbows, Rewa. They were great expectations, but the World Cup we have not confirmed. With some strong opponents, we They are craning, but final placement was the way they were. This year we want to advance to the playoff and do to the maximum. there’s a lot of skilled hockey players. More or less, I fear, how to handle mental site, because Montreal is the cradle of hockey and games are already now sold out, “said Bokroš.Rewa returned to Montreal

Scoring Leaders HK Orange 20 was striker Matúš Sukeľ that in the 20 matches he scored five goals and added an equal number of assists. The conscript getting a chance especially Denis Godla in nine meetings appeared David Okoličány.

Rewa it is again will play in the stadium of the team that drafted him into the NHL. Montreal Bell Center arena can seat 21,287 spectators.

“It’s great, almost 22 thousand spectators. But a lot of guys did not play against such a backdrop, and must deal with it as quickly as possible. We have a mental coach, so it should not be a problem. They think they enjoy it, “he said.The role of the leader is ready and willing to discharge its best. “A year ago it was mainly me and Mark, Dan. Now it is about me, but I’m not going to play there himself. We are here more clever guys who have been here more than a year, so the responsibility we should take for themselves . But we will be there 23 guys who go for one goal and we want to represent the best, “he said.