Hunchbacked: American tennis lacks strong generation

BRATISLAVA. American men’s tennis is a sport that has always counseled among the world elite. Each decade has found at least one, two players who managed to dominate the ranking and long in it to keep the elite ten.

Whether it has been a period of John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors or memorable duels with Pete Sampras Andre Agassi. But even in tennis superpower such as the United States certainly are, there was a difficult period. The new position of ATP does not feature in the top ten or a tennis player from the United States, which is the first time in history 37ročnej point counting.Roddick is the highest

Top ranking Americans Andy Roddick, but he dropped down to eleventh place. “It was just a bad night, I do not know what else to say,” said Roddick after playing the match against Gilles Simon in the tournament in Washington. It is this win contracted the fall of the ninth to eleventh place.

The Best American already some time ago warned that if the position falls below the fifteenth place, will be thinking about retiring. “Tennis has always fun, but lost is not fun and if they will be many, I do not why continue.I’m not going to be able to craft my career, “said a twenty-seventh-year-old native of Omaha in the state of Nebraska.

US tennis players have long dominated the world rankings, with McEnroe, Connors, Courier, Agassi and Sampras A 286-week world record, and the last time Roddick was on top, but it was November 3, 2003. Pete Sampras won 14 grandslamas, Top 10 from 1990 to 2001

Other US representatives are currently up to On the edge of the first twenty, namely Sam Querrey and John Isner.Both, however, they do not give balanced performance and its position can thank in particular tournaments on hard surfaces that are played mostly in the United States.

“Isner is a player that rises and falls on the tie-break, it’s his whole game. Although they often win, but then no power in the next matches, “commented two meters high giant ESPN analyst Peter Bodo.” Querrey in turn, is the type that really does not bother lost and on clay for about never won anything, “spared the momentary American threesome Bodo.John McEnroe won seven Grand Slam tournaments crisis eight years ago

US tennis player played a lot of matches and Dominik Hrbatý and see their current situation tragic, but also adds: “In America, had tennis against such crisis eight years ago. They fell viewership and popularity. Now they show it, because the lost generation of boys aged 12-14 years, who were now moving forward. If you end up Roddick will be their leader some point miss, “said Hrbaty.

Tennis is a global sport and in every period, can promote generation from different countries. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the competition.

“you always can get the elite someone else.Now we can see that they have a very good basis Spaniards and Serbs. America loses slightly. Their aggressive tennis now goes into the background, so they also may not grown so strong generation as when they played Sampras or Agassi, “said Hrbaty. Andre Agassi has won every tournament of the” big four “eight times

” I do not think However, it would be a long-term trend. Tennis in the United States once again gaining popularity, which also indicates the number of viewers for the US Open and at other tournaments, “he concluded former twelve ranking ATP. Dominate Europeans

An interesting indicator is that up to Juana Martina Del Potra are in the top ten Sami Europeans.Argentine is currently eighth, but since the beginning of the troubles with a wrist injury. In addition to advocating ranking 2000 points for winning the US Open, where you can not ever take off this year. The last Grand Slam tournament of the year starts in late August and September. US tennis player

l last player in the position of world number one Andy Roddick was – 3 November 2003.

l last American who he won a Grand Slam title, the same Andy Roddick.Won the US Open in 2003.

l Twenty years ago, the Americans were in the top 10 and five players, only four Europeans.

l Pete Sampras holds the record for the number of weeks in the position of world number one (total 286).