BigBoard is celebrating the Christmas bundesliga battle in Hanover

An early Christmas present is going to be given to boxers of BigBoard in Prague tonight. He will present himself in the third round of the Bundesliga in Hannover, where Bsk Hannover Seelze will compete in the ring. The Prague team has lost twice in the competition and has always succumbed to the leading champions. He is now very similar to Germany and believes in success. “The last time something was missing, so we made some small changes,” says Pavel Hynek, manager of the Prague club.

Declassifying the game before the game is not common in any sport, but BigBoard has drawn one ace.”This young promising boxer defeated the new-born Czech champion last week in an extra-league game and clearly said about the nomination,” said Hynek. Only 24 times have been departed, but 18 have won, most recently KO. “It could play cards. “Patrick Kliment, who jumped 75kg only last year, has decided to return to his original welterweight in second place at the December Czech championship,” says Hynek.For many, the silver medal from the Czech Championship was a success, but for Patrick it was a disappointment, but also a motivation for weight loss, in which it won the championship title last year.

Returning to the injury that was prepared by the national championship Erika Aloyana. “It’s usually boxing lightweight, but now we need it in the light Welter because it hurt Stepan Pitr. Erik is tough, the difference of four kilos would not be a problem.The injury is down, he is rested and because of the higher weight he does not have to crash and he should have enough strength, “Hynek believes.

The fight will go in Germany also Dan Táborský, who will want to fix the mood after the unfortunate finals of the Czech Republic , Where he lost to Paul Shoure, whom he had defeated several times before.

“Other weight will be provided by Slovak reinforcements. Tank lost a week ago with Huliyeva, who also started BigBoard, but paradoxically he preferred.Erik Huliyev, unfortunately, is still waiting for Czech citizenship, and despite defeating a medalist from the European Games, and in December he again defended his Czech title, he does not have a Czech passport and in the Czech Republic he only resides on asylum. The Czech authorities continue to refuse to grant him a permanent residence, which would be a way to Czech citizenship and a possible way for the Olympic Games, “says Prague club manager.

The situation is very sorry because the Czech Republic does not currently have Of this boxer’s weight, which would endure international competition. “But the Czech authorities refuse to apply for citizenship from this talented boxer, who grew up in Prague, he speaks Czech and feels like a Czech,” Hynek says. “In light weight BigBoard relies on the Slovak representative Michal Zatorský , Which still has a 100% balance in the Bundesliga.In a semi-heavyweight, the Pražané send to the ring a great hope of the Slovak boxing – Matúš Strniska from Nitra.

The match at the Autohaus Arthur hall in Hannover starts Saturday at 19:00. Class = “keywords”> Themes: sport, box, BigBoard Prague, bundesliga