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The UC has maintained measures limiting the Champions League broadcasts

UPC and other cable and satellite service providers must continue to black out the Champions League broadcasts on foreign TV channels. The Constitutional Court (US) today dismissed UPC’s complaint against the interim measure requested by O2 Czech Republic. Most of

The author of Hattrick Mešanovic is a bit worried about being a substitute in the league

The striker Muris Mešanovic scored in the home match against Litoměřice between the 11th and 20th minute the premiere hat-trick between the adults and directed Slavia to a 7-0 victory. The Bosnian gunsmith liked it, but he admitted that he

The Žilinians failed in an important match: They opened the score, but the billiard was over

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA – Žilinčan is in the table, and so put a lot of energy in the game, but not so much to keep the two-thirds behind the shorter end. Even though they did not disappoint again Tomas, who, unfortunately

VIDEO Meeting of the Stars: Federer and Crosby

TORONTO – On Sunday, two big star hockey and tennis stars met in Toronto – Canadian ice-hockey striker Sidney Crosby and Swiss kings king Roger Federer. Although they did not play tennis for rainy weather, at least they enjoyed the