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A világ labdarúgó-játékosainak első bajnoki mérkőzése nem volt sikeres. Esett az eső

Más időben visszatér a hallban. Chodov elsősorban a Patrick Dóza 5: 2-es kalapcsontjának köszönhetően vezetett. A csehországi első forduló – Chodov, amely 11: 00-kor kezdődött el. A 658 néző előtt álló csehországi csapat elnyerte a 7: 6-os kiterjesztést. A fő

Martincans will compete in the match on November 11 at the earliest

MARTIN. The quarantine condition in Martin’s ice-hockey is still there. Senior MHC teams will not be scheduled to compete this week. Nothing has changed even Tuesday’s consultation with representatives of the Hygiene Club. Read also: For jellyfingers they do not

Šupler: I love you very much, in hard times, we showed the will to help our hockey

AUGSBURG. Július Šupler has returned to work in Slovak hockey to help him grow through his simplicity, directness and healthy aggression. With the passage of time, he admitted that the last boycott of the representatives has made him a great

Sparta winter it wanted, now it Jablonec Kopic will try to beat

“Some interest in the winter was, it was also written in the paper, but I do not have this one in my head at all,” says a 24-year-old offensive midfielder. “I play for Jablonec, where I have a valid contract