Bookmakers – before mathematics courses or not escape


If you are betting the previous episode Schools bored because they no longer understand how the courses and their value is important, just as well for you. A recent incident in one online tipping competition but suggest that you rather in the minority. Therefore, to courses – the most important thing in betting – once again return.

What was in that competition? Server offers picking for virtual money, which is very similar to real gambling. Some time ago was on offer for football qualification match players up to 21 years, for which they were mistakenly swapped courses at home, who were strong favorites, and guests – they should again be clear underdogs. If you wanted to contest for anyone to easily “earn”, you could bet the clear favorites with odds of over 10 (who eventually won as expected).

And the reality? Roughly half of the people have embraced the guests – clear underdogs – a course around 10.01

It is clear that competition is not the actual betting. You do not risk your money, so you can just clicks may match some of which you do not know almost nothing, and hope that bookmakers matches guessed correctly and course 1.10 comes out. In the competition, but you can win a decent price, and most importantly – in my life I’ve seen people bet in real life this way so many times that I was half the contestants who guesses guests with an absurd rate 1.10, or surprise. You can see more at: Expekt

Game bookmaker vs. punter is not just a mathematical, but also psychological. A betting companies are doing fairly well because the emotions of our customers are able to work (and then profiting through mathematics).

Do you hate that you can not at Real Madrid or Manchester United bet with odds that they would you believe? Then on such top teams prefer to plant them, because this will never ceases to annoy. Strictly speaking bookmakers famous teams will not issue unnecessarily high rate until demand. You want to wager United at home at 1.50 against an average opponent? Bad luck: when bookmakers course listing 1.50, bet him a million people. When you list a 1.25 bet him 950,000 people (and usually will have an even better feeling, because “the rate of 1.25 should come”), who happens to slip often more matches to increase the overall course (and thereby more risk). And even if blood samples were betting on such a match bookmakers were smaller, due to the low courses will be on the other side of the smaller payouts when friends win. You can see more at: Betsafe Finland bonus

Years ago he went to one person familiar forum, who bet only on soccer favorites, and when they were beaten, hurt commented. It would not be anything interesting, extraordinary, however, was that swearing losers favorites, but bookies. Those him in his words always “prepared a trap” because of wrestling, which eventually lost the favorite, announced a low rate and thus forced him to bet.

Perhaps nothing could be farther than the successful planting such a way of thinking that is doubly unfortunate. The first mistake was that the man never thought about whether it is worthwhile course for home, draw or guests, but just automatically bet on favorites. They have friends win, bookies know well, and adjusts courses.

Perhaps even worse mistake was that they planted their favorites because they were lower rate than expected. Maybe it’s at that moment gave the feeling that the more matches should come out, those moments of satisfaction with inlaid coupon but had to be fixed mathematical standpoint dearly bought large losses.

Critics of us write off prematurely, said Abate

sportaccordIn good form in recent weeks, he got AC Milan. Rossoneri after a miserable start risen, currently holds third position on the ongoing and while it gave krizikům response to the lackluster performance …

Milan’s big club last won at Chievo soil, making for the last five league matches enrolled 13 points, while the first three games profited merely the three points.

For the Rossoneri this is the best start since the 2010/11 season, at the end of last celebrated championship primate. Now AC Milan would like to go back at least to the Cup of Europe.

According defender Ignazio Abateho was premature assertion of eternal critics, then their whole Italian now give a powerful answer. “We should not be depreciated, two months ago, as now, we can not be candidates for the Scudetto,” said Abate for “Sky Italia”. “Around Christmas we will be wiser about how we stand. We must now proceed with humility match by match, we still have work to do,” urges the Italian defender, whose team is now waiting for the closely watched duel with Juventus.

Klizan a Lacko se odvolali proti pokutám tenisového svazu

Basketbalistky Lopta SúbojSlovenská tenisté Martin Klizan s Lukášem Lackem se odvolali proti pokutám za přístup k reprezentaci Slovenska v Davisově poháru. Oba ze zdravotních důvodů necestovali na baráž do Austrálie, v níž Slovensko prohrálo na trávě v Sydney 0: 3 a nepostoupilo do světové skupiny. Den po setkání však už hráli na turnajích ATP.
Výkonný výbor STZ koncem září schválil udělení pokuty Lackovi ve výši 10.000 eur za porušení smlouvy se STZ. Klizan dostal pokutu ve výši 20.000 eur za opakované porušení kontraktu. Na návrh daviscupového kapitána Miloslava Mecir obou na rok Bet-at-home-nejvyšší sázkové limity podmíněně vyloučili z reprezentace. “Klizan s Lackem se ve smyslu pravidel Slovenského tenisového svazu odvolali vůči pokutám. V nejbližší době zasedne odvolací komise STZ, která je vyslechne. Výkonný výbor následně potvrdí nebo upraví zářijové rozhodnutí,” řekl generální sekretář STZ Igor Moskal.

Mourinho: Mchitarjan should show their potential

niculescuNot a very good start to the new engagement experiences Henrik Mchitarjan. Armenian national team after his transfer from Dortmund wounded, but now it finally fit, and according to manager Jose Mourinho’s time to show his potential …

Attacking midfielder after his arrival at Old Trafford hit in four league matches only against Manchester City but joined early, after a thigh injury but recovered.

Mchitarjan thus failed to build on the achievements of the Dortmund jersey where mainly during the past year was one of the supporters of, when in all competitions scored 22 accurate hits.

Now, however 27letý midfielder again fully available and manager Jose Mourinho calls him to show his potential. “It was quite a long time injured, but now he is preparing us without any further restrictions,” said Mourinho. “Now is the time to return to the levels that we know that it can achieve,” he urges.

Sporting Gijón – Athletic Bilbao

mcityBasque Bilbao in the first round of the issue in the not too distant Gijón against Sporting will be to the country’s favorite. Pets should be after the arrival of reinforcements like to avoid záchrannářským struggles and home against Bilbao and are looking to enhance mutual balance wrong.

Sporting Gijón last season rescued at the last minute this year and would like to avoid anything similar. The club brought into the starting lineup a few new names, among them Duje Cop Fernando Amorebieta, Golman Óscar Whalley or Xavier Torres. How will it look on the court remains to be seen. Anyway, the conclusion of last season was very good Gijón. Of the ten rounds only lost three times and racked up a total of fifteen points, which eventually decided his rescue. Even so, he remains the underdog and one of the main candidates for relegation. Another positive Sporting coach is staying Abelard Fernandez. In addition, he extended the contract until 2020.

Bilbao footballers last year on the fifth place in La Liga and besides therefore will also take part in the European League qualifying groups. Their goals remain the same, if possible put into fourth place in the Europa League and go as far as possible. Preparation hint that it could go. Guests example, had beaten Dortmund 1: 0th Athletic league year starts the game on the ground Sporting Gijon, where his last season succeeded. Bilbao won at the stadium El Molinón 2: 0 and even improved the already good mutual balance.

Valencia CF – UD Las Palmas

handzusThe first round of the new league season will conclude on Monday after ten o’clock in the evening match Valencia’s Las Palmas. Home Los Che after a botched last year much to remedy, as the club from the Canary Islands has had an excellent rookie season, which will be difficult to trump.

Valencia last year she ended up in the table behind his rival Monday, as the forty-four points to twelfth place occupied by the Las Palmas surpassed one place. The benchmark for a new coach bats Paka Ayestaran, who was replaced at the end of March unsuccessful Gary Neville, so do not hang too high. Preliminary matches are encouraging, in rehearsal with the Italian Fiorentina won Valencijští 2: 1st

Ayestaránův cadre confessed compared to last year, significant changes. Among the newcomers include Federico Cartabia, Roberto Ibanez, Álvaro Medrano and the new winner of the European Championship Nani. From Barcelona also comes to reinforce the defensive Martín Montoya. However, while Los Che have lost Sofiane Feghouliho, Andre Gomes, Álvaro Negredo, Antonio Barragan, Javi Fuefa or Denis Cheryshev. Moreover, the imminent departure Shkodrana Mustafiho by which is of interest to Arsenal in London. Key so for this season in terms of Valencia will be how soon it’s almost a brand new team can play.

Las Palmas last year surpassed Valencia for a better score, and judging by the pre-season preparation, we have from him to look forward to this year. Of the seven pre-season rookie dominated the last five in a row immediately after the initial defeat of Tenerife, which disrupted until the final draw 1: 1 with the German Darmstadt. Manager Quique Setien can choose when folding and assembly of new entrants such as Kevin-Prince Boateng, Asdrúbal Hernández and Marko Livaja.

Celta Vigo – CD Leganés

youngCelta de Vigo en los últimos años se ha estabilizado en los pisos superiores de la tabla de la liga cada año y tiene como objetivo clasificarse para la Copa de Europa. Lo mismo debería aplicarse y durante la temporada, por lo que la introducción Celta bienvenida en su estadio Balaidos novato de Leganés.

Ni que decir tiene, la casa estará en la primera ronda de los claros favoritos, tanto más cuanto que en el año anterior, un excelente acabado en sexto lugar, a sólo dos puntos del quinto deportivo, y jugará la Europa League. En cuanto a la preparación de pretemporada, se repartieron las salas Edward Berizza sus ocho partidos Bet365( por igual entre cuatro victorias y cuatro derrotas. Su última prueba antes del inicio de la Liga llegó el sábado pasado en Alemania, donde el Celta derrotó Eintracht Frankfurt 1: 3ª

Pocas personas inicialmente creyeron que sería entrenar Berizzo capaz de mejorar aún más los resultados de su antecesor José Enrique, ahora un gerente exitoso de Barcelona. el técnico argentino, pero en realidad en los últimos dos años ha brillado una nueva temporada le valió varios refuerzos interesantes. Reforzar la defensa llegaron Facundo Roncaglia David Costas, complementado por el mediocampista Álvaro Lemos y el extremo Pione Sisto del danés Midtjylland. Ahora él y el delantero José Naranjo Bet365 tratará de cerrar la brecha después de Nolita, que se unió en el verano Pepa Guardiola en el Manchester City.

El novato de Leganés terminó la liga el subcampeón del año pasado para el Deportivo Alavés y se fija un procedimiento sencillo. De los siete partidos preliminares que domina Aunque sólo tres, pero uno de ellos era sólo la última, y así sucesivamente lunes a construir. La calidad de los jugadores Asier Garitana fue satisfecha el sábado pasado por nada Bet365 menos que liga rival Villarreal, que sorprendentemente mandó después de perder 3: 2ª

Fortalecer novato con el objetivo de mantener una liga importante portero perdida de élite Alberto Brignole defensores Diego Rico, Carl Medjani y Adrian Marin, los centrocampistas Unai López, Rubén Pérez y hacia delante Miguel Ángel Guerrero o Darwin Machís. El entrenador Garitano para los que la voluntad es la Bet365 cuarta temporada en el banquillo leganské y sin duda tiene mucho de donde escoger.

Coach Pulpit in Pribram ends, replacing it with Petr Rada

Britain Soccer Premier LeaguePříbramští after the 4th round of the Premier League is changing coach. The club president Jaroslav Starka today appealed Martin Pulpit, who stayed on the bench just seven league games. Replace him with former national team coach Petr Rada.

Pribram has a lot of failed entry into the season, after which no points and a goal vstřeleného last in the table. Additionally, he fell in the second round of the domestic Cup MOL Cup with třetiligovým LITOMĚŘICKÁ after losing 1: 3rd From this match he had Pulpit ultimatum that he must score points to Slavia, but where the whole středočeský lost 0: 3rd

“Los We had a tough and normally I would have waited, but after the disgrace of Litomerice where my team very disappointing, I hastened. To get three goals in the last divisional team and not give the game neither attack MAHMUTOVIC, Majtán, it is unacceptable to me, “he told ČTK Stark. “That’s why I said that when he does not do point to Slavia, we have to break. I’m sorry, but that’s soccer life,” he added.

The team tries to raise Fifty eight council, which had odkoučoval 276 league games for Slavia benches, Plzen, Jablonec, Liberec, Jihlava and Teplice, where he served last. Between 2008 and 2009, and led the Czech national team.

“Petr Rada is a good coach, has a lot of interesting and successful gig. I’ve always his work respected and I had him in the viewfinder, but the coaches who might have such a small club married. Now I called him and I’m glad it accepted. I hope that our game will change and we will have results, “said Stark.

In addition Pulpit ends coach at the club also goalkeepers coach Vitezslav Rejmon and sports director Roman Rogoz. The new executive director became owner of Pribram whole John Stark, son of club president.

Pribram took care of the second coaching change of the season. Already after the second round ended in Mlada Boleslav Karel Jarolím, who moved to the representation and took his place Leos Kalvoda.

Czarny strzelił pierwszego hat-tricka dla Ajax i myśleć o miejscu w pierwszej drużynie

Daniel Valo remíza radosGłośno o sobie w piątek sprawiły, że znane Vaclav Cerny. Młody Czech napastnik nie jest jeszcze trwale zakwalifikowanych do A-team Ajax Amsterdam i musi zadowolić się miejscem w rezerwie. Działa ona w drugiej lidze holenderskiej, a ostatnio pokonał 5: 2 Den Bosch …

I Czarne było wiele do zobaczenia. W ósmej minucie miał wyrównał na 1: 1, 71 minut wysłał swój zespół na prowadzenie z 3: 2, a cztery minuty przed końcem zakończył hat-tricka, aby ustawić wynik końcowy.

“Ja naprawdę potrzebne. To dobry wynik dla zespołu i dla mnie. To jest mój pierwszy hat-trick Ajax, a to się liczy. Bramki i pomoc Unibet( musi. W przeszłości nie był bardzo udany i to mogła help “, realizuje czeskie reprezentacji juniorów.

18-letni czarny ubiegłym roku z Ajax wskoczył do kilku konkursach i dał po jednym bramkę w Lidze Europejskiej i holenderskiej najwyższej klasie rozgrywkowej. Ten rok kredą do trzech minutach wstępnej rundzie pojedynku Ligi Mistrzów z PAOK Saloniki.

“Oczywiście wolałbym być częścią pierwszego zespołu, to na pewno. Ale jeśli mogę, chcę zrobić najlepszy show w rezerwie. Ponownie, to wszystko zależy od tego, co pokazałem. Chcę trenerów, aby pokazać, że będę grać w pierwszym zespole,” kontynuował Blacka ,

Plzen will fight for the Champions League to catch up lost 0:2

mazzariPilsen on Tuesday, waiting with Razgrad heavy retaliation fourth qualifying round of the Champions League. Czech champion needs to advance to the third group of prestigious competitions in their playground to catch up awkwardly lost 0: 2 in Bulgaria. Viktoria addition is cool, which also showed Saturday home league defeat 0: 2 Zlin.

Plzen in Sofia in the Bulgarian master was not enough, after half-time two goals for herself and not create more scoring opportunities. Retaliation in Štruncovy orchards will make it harder to Ludogorec with several Brazilian footballers had the first duel showed great strength on the counter attack.

“Obviously for us is not good, 0: 2 is a complex result. We’ll try it in a home match to handle, although of course we know Razgrad is strong both in Kontra, so to progressive attack. The more complicated it is,” he said Pilsen coach Roman Pivarník. “We have to play from behind to zero, if we gave a goal, and certainly opponent nervous,” said Captain Roman Hubník.

Thirty-two stopper was very angry after losing to Zlin and hopes Pilsen footballers will manage to recover until Tuesday. “We have no time to have Zlin in my head. But I hope everyone realizes that playing the way we have a chance against Razgrad, and start playing what coach wants from us,” said Hubník. “I’d like to take on, players began to look bad. We need to take a good upset,” said Pivarník that from the summer coming to Pilsen won only two of the seven competitive matches.

Západočeši in local qualifying rounds of the Champions League have won six of eight games, the last two duels in front of your audience but not mastered. Last year, defeated 0: 2 Maccabi Tel Aviv and at the start of this year in the third preliminary round tied 0: 0 with Karabakh.

If he succeeded in Pilsen turnover and for progress in the basic phase of LM, he played between 2011 and 2013 will receive 378 million crowns. In the case of exclusion in the playoff Viktoria receives from UEFA 81 million and autumn boards in the group of the European League. The match kickoff is at 20:45, the chief judge will be Spaniard Alberto Undiano Mallenco.

AS Nancy-Lorraine – Paris Saint-Germain

Michel Platini, Christian Ude

PSG in Ligue 1 yet fail as expected; While last year the charges Laurent Blanka by now confidently walked for title defense this year under new coach Unai Emery unexpectedly loses. Winger Lucas Moura, therefore, before the duel on the soil Nancy appealed to fans to team provide the time needed for reconstruction.

Emery selection in the table after eight rounds to third in the league lost twice already (which is the same as for the whole of last season) and must catch up to the leading duo Nice, Monaco; On the other hand, a rookie from Nancy enter the season certainly did not manage a whole table closes. Guests will therefore huge paper favorites, even though, according to Lucas will take some time before the Parisian club again picks up maximum strength.

“Before everything fits together, it will take a while. The new coaching staff is still only familiar with the players, which also applies vice versa. But I think we are on the right track,” said Brazilian forvard. “The fact that everything is not perfect right from the beginning is normal. Emerymu believe trainer, and in return he trusts us. Success will come eventually.”

Právě Lucas is incidentally one of the few players who do not yet meet the high demands – in Ligue 1, the shooter pushed four times, and while under Ancelottim and často Blanc did not get much chance for Emery is the key figure. In twenty-four years and finally fulfill the potential that into him in Paris inserted since 2013. The Brazilian nomination for the final qualifying round but did not, unlike his teammates Thiago Silva is a Marquinhosem.

One of the drawbacks of a strong cadre of Paris is just a big workload players in the state breaks; while Nancy rested, Emerymu returns to the squad apart from two canaries and Ángel Di María, Edinson Cavani (incidentally player of the month of September in Ligue 1), Serge Aurier and French representatives.

Still do not know if the Spanish coach decides Cavaniho saving; Uruguayan forvard is simply too valuable player on it to play all the matches, and the duel Nancy has Champions League before lower priority. Cavaniho countryman Erick Cabaco, stable part of Defense Les Chardons, but hopes that the famous striker will play.

“Cavani is a great player,” said Cabaco. “Every season nasází a lot of goals, whether at club or national team. If against our boards, it will be for me a huge exam. I see this as a great opportunity to show what I can do. A few months ago I Cavaniho watching on television at home in Montevideo and did not marvel. Now I have the great fortune stand with him on one pitch. the atmosphere in our cabin is combative, we are excited, we can not wait. it’s like a holiday, “he added.